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These two national firms have combined to develop a tool specifically, for the owners and managers of shopping centers; providing a targeted program designed to attract customers, in the local market, in ways and means that almost seem magical. We call it "Claire-voyant™".

San Francisco based is a real estate based lead generating site for commercial and high end residential properties. Headed up by Starboard TCN President, Hans Hansson and President, Jim Osgood the firm has over a combined 60 years of active internet experience.

For more than 10 years, Engage121, Inc has provided communications software and services to hundreds of national franchisors, dealerships and direct sellers. It has a client-driven development approach to adapt our platform to your business and customer relationships today and tomorrow. Customer satisfaction is its top priority.

Some of the Great Clients who use Engage 121 Engage121 Clients


For information:
Contact Carl A. Bosse (1-520-625-9207) or Jim Hilgendorf (1-510-501-9564)

Business Office:
TradeAddresses LLC
33 New Montgomery Street, Suite 1490
San Francisco, California 94105

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