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Trade Your Office Space in 3 Easy Steps!

Since the pandemic, traditional arrangements of commercial leases have gone out the window. For many businesses, what worked before will no longer work now.

You may find your business needs more space due to social distancing mandates or you may be transitioning most of your employees to a “work from home” arrangement. In either case, you’ll need a change of space. works differently than traditional commercial brokerage firms, offering a unique and simple way to trade your current office space for a more desired one. All it takes is three easy steps:

Step 1: Start a listing on the's website by entering in the specs of your current office space.

Step 2: Share details with us on the office space you desire.

Step 3: Our specialized agents will carefully curate matches for your review. Once a match is made, we negotiate the leasing terms and work with respective landlords to facilitate a seamless office trade on your behalf.

Your information is always kept private and the office address is only shared when a mutually agreed “match” has been made. gives you exclusive access to properties not yet listed on the public market.

Our method does not interfere with existing broker relationships and depending on the parties involved, we can explore subleases, assuming the remainder of a lease, or start a completely new lease arrangement. We find the best solution for you.

Start today by listing your office space for FREE here! here.