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HOw it Works

Traditional arrangements of commercial space have gone out the window, and for many businesses what worked before will no longer work now. You may find you need more space due to physical distancing or that you may be transitioning more of your employees to a Work From Home arrangement.In either scenario a change is needed. TradeAddresses works differently than the traditional search methods of Commercial Real Estate. Your information is private and only shown if there is a match created by our agents. This allows you access to exclusive properties, and you are only shared with like-minded parties.

We match businesses that are in need of a change to each other, work with them and their landlords to facilitate a trade of their spaces. This can include furniture and other office items too – depending on the needs of your business.

Our method does not interfere with existing broker relationships. We match clients, share photos and details (with the exception of exact addresses and client names until both parties have agreed to proceed), and then help with a seamless transition between the two locations.

Depending on the situation of all parties involved we can explore subleases, assuming the remainder of a lease, or a completely new lease arrangement. We will find the best solution for all parties. We also offer subleases directly. You can search our listings here.