Lyric Center - The best of downtown Houston

440 Louisiana Street, Suite 900
Houston, TX 77002

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Lyric Center - The best of downtown Houston

General Listing / Building description

We draw on the best of downtown Houston and boasts the location, accessibility, and architectural excellence to maintain its reputation as a premier business address. The grand entrance of polished marble walls and inlaid floors provides the perfect setting for our daily classical piano concerts. Outside tenants and visitors alike are serenaded by the magnificent sculpture, The Virtuoso. Tenants also welcome the charming atmosphere of our convenient in-house delicatessen with its fresh, delectable lunches. Adaptable to the tenant’s individual space requirements, each floor of our center centre can be built out to suit special needs. The unique design of the building allows for dramatic conference rooms, reception areas, and multiple corner offices. High speed internet and satellite television connections are available throughout the building. All space is maintained for maximum comfort by the computerized building management system, which continuously monitors points throughout the building for the status of the heating/air conditioning system, security, fire safety, and elevator systems. To add to the convenience of tenants and visitors alike, our center also offers accessible visitor parking adjoining the building, complete with helpful and courteous attendants. Also available are numerous, fully furnished conference and mediation rooms, some with kitchen facilities. Headed by a responsive management team with a repertoire of innovative services, we offer numerous amenities for the comfort and convenience of our tenants, and a location that must be appreciated for its dedication to the arts and business alike.

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Approx. 200 sqft per person

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